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Go through the program and build your very own event experience before hand.

You have a chance to meet your favourite creators in different occasions. Some creators arrange Meet & Greets, where you can get a selfie photo with them and exchange a ew words. Most of the creators are also involved with the programme so you can watch your favourite creators live in different programme areas.

You can listen to creators opinions, thoughts and stories in panel discussions and Q&A sessions. In the Gaming area you can watch your favourite gaming creators engaging on different challenges and in the beauty and fashion block you can hear the latest tips and trends from beauty creators.

Tubecon welcomes all creators regardless which platform they publish their content.

The event program is done in close collaboration with creators and we welcome everyone to participate.

Each creator can choose the personal level of participation. You can find a role in the program planning group, perform live, have a Meet & Greet or find other ways to participate.

The coordination of the creator relations is handed by the Tubecon community managers. Feel free to get in touch if you want to get involved.

As a Tubecon volunteer you will work in a team and get an access behind the scenes.

As a volunteer you receive a free ticket to the event and you receive access to staff catering. Tubecon provides you Tubecon t-shirt, a written proof of employment, valuable work experience, fun experiences and new friends.

Volunteers are needed in many different tasks for example:

  • Building
  • Cleaning
  • Wristband exchange
  • Catering
  • Info
  • Merchandise sales
  • Gaming area
  • Backstage volunteers

The work tasks ary before, during and after the event. Each volunteer will be briefed to their tasks before the event. The volunteer team leaders will help and advice everyone, so don’t be too nervous if you haven’t done a lot of volunteer work before, we are here to help you!

Tubecon provides direct access to creators and their audiences.

Tubecon provides different sponsor packages including online and offline features.

Tubecon has worked with over 100 sponsoring brands and partners. Our expertise is to create a bespoke commercial collaboration model meeting your unique expectations.


Tubecon provides limited number of media accreditations to media professionals who are working in the event.

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